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Woofbowl® serves fast food doggie style. Yes, we’re a food truck that exclusively serves dogs and the difference is in our treats. Our menu items look remarkably like human food truck items, such as burgers, ice cream, and beer, but the gag is they’re healthy dog treats made from premium, human-grade, whole food, dog-friendly ingredients that even you can eat. Don’t worry we won’t judge if we catch you taking a bite.
For starters, we became dog parents because Ron suffers from PTSD. We read dogs do amazing work to help veterans deal with their symptoms so 8 years ago we got two French Bulldogs one year apart. 

Solo came up with the idea to serve healthy dog food after noticing a remarkable change in our dogs after switching them to a raw diet. It led her on a path of learning and absorbing as much as she could on the “truth” about canine nutrition and continues her dedication to animal welfare through Woofbowl.
The problem is a lot of dog food and treats available are filled with harmful, dangerous and even cancerous ingredients. Almost half of dogs over age 10 get cancer. It’s no coincidence that the incidence of cancer has skyrocketed as commercial pet food has become more available. Most commercial dog treats available are usually high-heat processed, 4D protein-laden, carbohydrate-based dog treats that aren’t as healthy for your dog as they claim to be. Take a look at the labels on your dog treats. Can you pronounce every ingredient?
We use the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. We focus on growing methods, freshness, and most importantly nutritional value. We tirelessly develop and introduce delicious and healthy foods that our customers (dogs) love.​ Just look at all the benefits of real food:
Woofbowl is owned by a husband and wife team and what many don't know is they come from humble beginnings.
Ron was raised by a single mother and grew up in zip code 53206 of inner-city Milwaukee - the zip code that incarcerates the highest percentage of black men in America. He refused to succumb to drugs and crime, and used basketball and academics to rise above. He became a nationally recognized high school basketball athlete. Despite early struggles, he was honorably discharged from the US Navy (after having trained 10,000+ personnel) and graduated summa cum laude from his alma mater where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a focus on Pre-Law. Ron also went on to earn his MBA and became an author of several books.
Solo is a product of refugee parents who risked their lives fleeing the Killing Fields of Cambodia to come to America with 3 children. Her parents both worked two full-time jobs each to keep food on the table. It was her parents’ dream for her to become an engineer, so she pursued electrical and biochemical engineering and was an engineer for 13 years prior to Woofbowl. 

Pictured above: Solo, co-owner of Woofbowl and mother of two dogs: Latto (the inspiration behind Woofbowl's logo) and Dino (pictured here).

*portrait inspiration: Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci

Woofbowl cares about our communities and environment. We celebrate and strengthen each community through serving and supporting a local experience, investment in non-profits, and a conscious commitment to our local producers and partners.
Local Non-Profit Partners: Pets With Disabilities, Project Second ChanceShenandoah Shepherd Rescue, Vindicated Pit Bull Rescue, We the Dogs DC
Local Business Partners: Bear Chase BreweryCaboose Brewing Co, Dingus Designs Co., District Dogs, Furr-Bulous, Goodwin ProcterHoneyCart, Luna's Pet Collective, PawsGo, Playful Pack, Port City Brewing Co, Tail Wagging Dog Services