Pictured above: Solo, co-owner of Woofbowl and mother of two dogs: Latto (the inspiration behind Woofbowl's logo) and Dino (pictured here).

*portrait inspiration: Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci

Woofbowl was founded in 2017 when Ron and Solo decided to turn their passion of dogs and nutrition into a cool and fun experience.


Dogs do amazing work to help veterans like Ron who suffer from PTSD deal with their symptoms, so in 2011 they became dog parents to two French Bulldogs, Latto and Dino, one year apart. Solo came up with the idea to serve healthy dog food after noticing a remarkable change in her dogs after switching them to a raw diet. It led her on a path of learning and absorbing as much as she could on the “truth” about canine nutrition and continues her dedication to animal welfare through Woofbowl.


Woofbowl is owned by a husband and wife team and what many don't know is they come from humble beginnings.

#BlackOwned #VeteranOwned

Ron was raised by a single mother and grew up in zip code 53206 of inner-city Milwaukee - the zip code that incarcerates the highest percentage of black men in America. A game he use to play with his friends growing up was who can match the murder chalk outlines in the street the best. He refused to succumb to drugs and crime, and used basketball and academics to rise above. He became a nationally ranked point guard and was recruited by top universities and colleges across the nation. Despite early struggles, he was honorably discharged from the US Navy (after having trained 10,000+ personnel) and graduated summa cum laude from his alma mater where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a focus on Pre-Law. Ron also went on to earn his MBA and became an author of several books.


#AAPIOwned #WomanOwned

Solo is a Cambodian refugee who came to America at only two weeks old. Her family survived Khmer Rouge's genocidal regime where people were forced into brutal labor camps. Many died from disease and starvation and more than a million, including some of her family members, were tortured and executed in the Killing Fields. Her mother trekked on foot through mine filled woods in torrential rain all while with a child in tow and pregnant with another to not 1, but 2, countries to escape. Solo's father is a former doctor, but intentionally burned his paperwork because the Khmer Rouge was killing anyone who was an intellectual. With no trace of their education, they cleaned toilets and scaled raw fish for a living as 2 of their 4 jobs to keep food on the table in America. Her parents' biggest dream was for her to become an engineer. She gave up going to basketball camp with the rest of her teammates in the summer to take accelerated college math courses while in middle and high school. Her parents funded those courses with what they could save doing back breaking work. Solo became an electrical and biochemical engineer and it was her career for 11 years prior to Woofbowl.

Lost Entire Savings to Contractor

The founders gave a contractor their savings to customize the interior of their truck. After 9 months of delays, the contractor did close to nothing on the truck and failed their fiduciary responsibilities. The contractor filed for bankruptcy and Woofbowl wasn't able to recover any funds.


So now, their life savings were gone, they were stuck in their commercial kitchen lease, and also their entire inventory had to be discarded. Woofbowl had no investors and even family told them to quit, but Ron and Solo strongly believed in Woofbowl. They knew their only option was to move forward in finding a new builder and paying for the operation twice. With this they had to take on more debt and make more sacrifices - physically and mentally. 


The COVID-19 crisis hit hard. It put Woofbowl into a vicious tail spin and made Ron & Solo feel like they were building the business for a 3rd time. Sales dropped almost 90%. In the unprecedentedly difficult time they were forced to navigate quickly, rise up to the challenge, and find creative ways to improve cash flow. Woofbowl continues to be effected by the unpredictable pandemic.

Strengthen Community
By supporting our mom + pop business, Woofbowl, you are strengthening the community. 48% of small business purchases are recirculated locally compared to only 14% of what’s circulated by chain stores.
Celebrate Culture
We are proud to be Black and Veteran owned where when you purchase from us you get products that celebrate culture and are valuable for the unique character it brings. Woofbowl is original and authentic. Every single detail, treat, design, and concept, we came with on our own from scratch.
Hold Other Companies Accountable
In addition to being an eco-friendly company, Woofbowl puts quality and service first, and not profit and speed. By purchasing from Woofbowl, you're empowering the real dog food and treat movement, businesses with purpose, and a green economy.
Visibility and Representation
Woofbowl has a zero dollar social media marketing strategy. We desire 100% genuine support and engagement. Please continue to share and tag. We want to inspire others to be resilient in the face of adversity. Also, when minority-owned businesses have a financial platform to stand on, they inspire more people to support an inclusive economy.