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The problem is a lot of dog food and treats available are filled with harmful, dangerous and even cancerous ingredients. Almost half of dogs over age 10 get cancer. It’s no coincidence that the incidence of cancer has skyrocketed as commercial pet food has become more available. Most commercial dog treats available are usually high-heat processed, 4D protein-laden, carbohydrate-based dog treats that aren’t as healthy for your dog as they claim to be. Take a look at the labels on your dog treats. Can you pronounce every ingredient?
We use the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. We focus on growing methods, freshness, and most importantly nutritional value. We tirelessly develop and introduce delicious and nutrient dense fresh foods that our customers (dogs) love.​ Just look at all the benefits of real food:

We source from farms that are not only certified grassfed, organic, humane, and/or non-GMO, but from farms that are also committed to regenerative agriculture and holistic management. Our fierce commitment to sustainability is evident in our compostable or biodegradable packaging and even down to our recycled hemp fabric aprons we sport. 


Every single Woofbowl dog treat is made from the freshest and finest quality ingredients. Each treat is handmade in small batches unlike industrial dog food brands who prioritize speed & profit. What Woofbowl is doing is putting quality first. You will find only healthy whole food ingredients - meaning no preservatives, artificial additives or synthetics - ever!

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